Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas

It's that time of the year -- The kids will have early release from school today, and will then have Wed-Fri off from school for Thanksgiving! Not sure how I feel about that -- 5 days of no school ... it can be a long time! :) I'm sure that it will be fine. Jason has Thursday and Friday off -- and we'll be spending most of the afternoon / evening on Thurs. at SIL's house. I will cook the turkey here but bring it there (since she is working from 7pm Wed night until 7am Thursday morning).

I would really love to go shopping on Friday. WalMart will probably be the place to go -- but perhaps Best Buy as well. Only problem -- finding someone to go with me. I'm sure Jason would go -- but of course, we would have to have someone here to watch the kids. So, not sure what will happen .. I will look over the sales again and see what I need/want to get!

Jason found out that he still has 5 days of vacation time that he has to take before the end of the year .. so right now we are looking at him taking Dec 8th, 9th, 23rd, 29th and 30th ... we have already made plans for the 23rd (we are awaiting the confirmation email) ... we will be taking all the kids to Bryson City, NC to do the Polar Express (http://www.gsmr.com/reservations/excursions.php) --

The Polar Express comes to life when the train departs the Bryson City depot for a journey to our "North Pole". Guests on board will enjoy hot chocolate and treats while listening and reading along with the magical story. Experience the joy of watching the children's faces when the train arrives at our "North Pole," where Santa Claus will be waiting. Santa will board The Polar Express where he will greet each child and present them with a special memento. Holiday carols will be sung on the return trip to Bryson City. Families will want to make this a holiday tradition! $38.00 per person for adults and teens 13 and older. $26.00 per child over 24 months of age. Children 24 months and younger are complimentary. Ticket price includes admission to the Smoky Mountain Trains Museum in Bryson City. Please note: During the online reservation process, you must select a date and time for each reservation. If a time is not available for selection, that time is sold-out and no longer available. Thank you.

-- I know that they are going to LOVE it ... Jason's parents, his sister and BIL are all coming as well ... I will be sure to take lots of pictures. Like I said -- just waiting to get the confirmation email. I am hoping that they are not booked on that day / time we picked. It's the last day they are doing it before Christmas ... and one of the last trips of the day (picked the 5pm train) ...

Christmas Eve we will be meeting here at the house. I really did not want to have to move everything (gifts -- as we open everything from family that night) ... and then of course, come home to get the kids to bed and settled -- so that Santa can come (we've had a discussion already with Stephanie and Joseph about this -- since Stephanie's friend mentioned that Santa wasn't real -- Stephanie and Joseph have told me that they still know that Santa is real -- so we still have time) LOL .... so we are going to do it here -- and I think Jason's parents will spend the night -- unless they decide to go back home. We'll see ... because usually we go to their house on Christmas day to eat lunch/supper ... still have a month to figure out THAT detail! :)

I still need to get some shopping done .... not sure what to get for a few people .. but I'm sure that I will think of something before the 25th of December! :) Any ideas would be great!!! LOL

Ok, enough for now. Hope that you all have a blessed day!!!!