Saturday, April 18, 2009

blah blah blah - I don't think anyone is listening to me

Pollen - it's going to be the death of me! Man, I have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year. I love the weather -- but I hate the pollen in the air and what it does to my head/sinuses. blah. I'm done with the heavy head and the sneezing -- and it has just started. A friend of mine told me to eat local honey -- I might have to go in search of some -- and do a mass consumption of it! LOL ... Oh well, I needed something to complain about today.

It's Saturday -- Jason is "working" this weekend. He had to work from 8am this morning until noon -- and now he is on "call" for the rest of the weekend -- but that means he gets to come home early on Friday. YAY. Wonder if they will let him come home at 11am instead of noon, since he goes in for 7am instead of his usual 8am! That would be nice. Need to ask him about that and see if he can find out. You just never know when it comes to work. LOL.

This afternoon/evening we are having a progressive supper with our Sunday School from class. It will start at the pastor's house for salads. Should be fun. I just hope that my head will feel better by then -- pray that the Cable Guy will come by the house before we have to leave for that! I want my cable / internet back! LOL ...

Nothing much else is planned for this weekend.

I had one of Joe's friends mom's (live up the road from us) come by yesterday and ask if I would watch her daughter for a few hours every day starting on Monday. Apparently she had enough with the place where she was taking her before -- and they decided that they needed to do something right away. I have no problem with this -- what is another child added to the mix? Right!? LOL ...

I so need to go take a shower -- and get dressed - and do some more productive things today. I got breakfast done this morning -- and folded some clothes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Life ....

- 5 weeks of school left. When did THAT happen? Joseph gets done with CRCT testing today - Stephanie still has 2 days left of it - Monday and Tuesday of next week. They get report cards today. Wonder how those are going to look.

- NKOTB in Atlanta on May 28th. YAY! They are starting a new tour -- called the "Full Service" tour and their first show is going to be the ATL show. It's going to be outside .. at th Lakewood Amphitheatre ...
should be interesting!! :) I'm sure that I will have lots to talk about after this show. My friend Shannon wants to go to Birmingham after - they play there the next night - and just get lawn seats since they are just $10 ... not sure if I will go or not. I suppose I need to decide since we'll have to get tickets ...

- Jason is working a new schedule at work. He now goes in for 7am in the morning, so I have to get up with the older 2 to get them on the bus in the morning -- it's not been easy -- as I still tend to stay up late in the evening -- but it's so nice to have him home by 4:30pm in the afternoon (he gets out of work at 4pm). It helps to have more time with him in the evenings. The kids really enjoy it. They no longer want anything to do with me when he gets home! :)

- We've been out of Cable for the past 4 days. They are supposed to be sending someone to check on it this afternoon - it's about time. We've called every single day this week -- and they continue to tell us that there is an outage in the area?? There is a problem - come fix it!!!

I really am not sure what else to write about -- but I wanted to at least post a little something. I should be getting some lunch and working on laundry right now -- so I guess I will go do some of that -- I need to stop procrastinating. LMAO!

Hope that whoever is reading this will have a most wonderful and blessed rest of the day and weekend!!!