Friday, April 24, 2009

NKOTB Day! :)

Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis declared April 24, 1989, "New Kids on the Block Day."

Happy New Kids on the Block Day to everyone! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

-- Tomorrow is Friday -- YAY! I love weekends and I love them even more when Jason only has to work half a day. Since he worked this past weekend, he only has to work 8am-noon tomorrow. Kids will get home from school at 2:30pm and then he'll take them to his parents house. They are going to spend the night with them (yes, all 4 kids) ... this is a first, so we will just have to wait and see how it goes. Pray for us! :) I think we are going to try and go to The Melting Pot for supper and then not sure if we'll do anything after that or not. I am letting Jason decide what we are doing.

Don't really have plans for the rest of the weekend. We'll probably have to head over to his parents at a decent time on Saturday -- and it's supposed to be a high of 80+ ... so not sure what we'll do. Maybe we can take the kids somewhere in the afternoon to run around outside. There are many parks in the area ...

My friend Ken - who is currently overseas is leaving today to go home for 2 weeks of R&R. I am praying for a safe trip home and praying for the time he will spend with his family - much needed at this time. It's been great catching up with him lately -- and will miss chatting with him while he is gone -- but he definitely needs this time with his family.

-- Currently 78F outside. I think I will grill out some ribs for supper tonight. YUMMY. Trying to figure out what I am going to do with my potatoes. Do I mash them? Do I make homefries with them? Do I bake them? Do I cook them with butter and garlic in the oven? Help! :)

Waiting on Stephanie to get home from school. My SIL is picking her up. She had a play rehearsal at school -- her SEARCH program is putting it together -- and for the next 3 Thursdays they are staying an extra hour at school to work on it. She should be getting out in the next few minutes -- and should not take them long to get home! I can't wait to see how it went -- what she thinks -- what will come from it (what part she will have and things like that) .. Not sure when exactly they are doing the show -- but I guess we'll get that info soon enough. Well, just got a text from SIL -- and they are going for ice cream. Not fair to the other 3 kids -- even though they don't know about it -- but nothing I can really do about it. Hope Stephanie won't say anything about it to them.

I suppose I need to go now and get some things started for supper. I also need toget some laundry done. fun fun, not!

Hope that you all (who read) are having a blessed day and you have a most wonderful weekend.

Be blessed.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello ... is this thing on?

Just thought I would write a little something -- even though I don't really have much on my mind that I would like to write about. But, I thought I would do it anyway! LOL. Not as if anyone is reading this anyway -- that I know of :) Most people have been so busy lately.

-- Twitter -- are you on it? I am :) ypatten35 is my username on there if you want to "follow" me. Part of me is a little tired of listening to other people's conversations on there -- so I only follow certain people on my actual phone -- all others, I follow online! LOL

-- Facebook -- That place is so much fun and I've taken to playing 2 games on there. Farm Town and Restaurant City. Great place to keep in touch with people as well. Most of my photos are on there if you want to check them out. So much easier to put them there than to add them to posts here.

Nothing much going on around here .. Just taking it easy -- waiting on school to be done for the summer. 23 days. wow. Am I ready to have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader? I just don't think so.

I've been keeping in touch with my friend Kenneth a lot lately. He is overseas. He is about to leave to go home for 2 weeks of R&R ... he is looking forward to it. Please pray for him -- as he will be heading back ... praying the Lord will keep him safe while he is over there.

Jason and I are planning to possibly go out on Friday night -- not sure yet - do not have anyone to watch the kids yet - so we'll just have to wait and see. It would be nice. We even thought of asking his parents to keep them overnight - sleeping in - wow! Haven't done that in a long time. LOL .. Of course, it's already Wednesday tomorrow -- so don't know what will happen. Might have MNO on Saturday night -- but haven't decided that yet. :)

Taxes were done and sent - YAY for not having to pay this year!!! :) Too bad we only got the K1 Report late and could not file sooner!!!! We always would leave it to the last minute because we had to pay ... surprising! But, good surprise!

Filling out application for Stephanie to go to Camp Pinnable this summer. WOW. 1 whole week away from home!!!! YIKES! How am I going to handle it?? I know she is going to LOVE it .. and is going to make so many new friends ... I know how much I enjoyed it when I was her age ... but still ...

The Biggest Loser - WOW, I am so impressed with the 6 people that are currently on there. it will be interesting to see who will win the whole thing -- and just how much weight will be lost by everyone!!!
awe -- that is sad -- to see the two that are bellow the yellow line tonight and now up for elimination -- wonder who they will send home.

Well, it's getting late and I should be getting to bed soon. Hope that you all have a most wonderful rest of the week ... Be blessed!!!