Friday, November 6, 2009

Random thoughts

Yes, it's me again - how long has it been? Too long.

My heart breaks for all the families involved in the shooting at Fort Hood, TX yesterday. Jason and I talked about it last night .. and like I told him, it's one thing when you don't know anyone closely involved ... yes, it's sad .. but when you know someone that is closely involved (a friend is stationed out of Fort Hood) it's a different story. I was glad to hear that his wife and son were safe in their home when this all happened. I am not sure if he knew any of the fallen .. or any of the injured .. but I am sure that it's still "family" ... you know? Hard to explain. I pray that the Lord is with the families of those fallen, that he will bring quick healing to those that are injured .. and that He would bring peace to all those involved.

Last night we brought Joseph to the mall to get his suit fitted for Megan and Hunter's wedding - which is tomorrow. He looked mighty handsome and can't wait to see them all together tomorrow. I will try and remember to post pictures.

I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching! 48 days! YIKES. I've gone some shopping done, but definitely not enough! I so need to figure out what to get for Jason's mom, dad and sister ... and also other gifts for the kids. We have one idea - but not sure if Santa is going to bring that or not. Big responsibility that I am not sure if we are ready to take or not. I will post more another time about that. I am so ready to put my Christmas tree up and decorations!!! :) :) :)

Well, I honestly am not sure what else to write about - so I guess I should go and try to FLY for a little while. LOTS to get done since I haven't done much all week ... and this weekend is going to be busy.

* rehearsal tonight
* wedding tomorrow, Party Lite candle party at Christi's in the evening
* church, Jason has meeting, choir, church on Sunday

Yikes!!!! HELP. will it ever slow down!?!?

Be blessed - will write more later. Maybe an update on all the things I will get done today!