Monday, December 15, 2008

Jason - done - need stocking stuffers
Stephanie - done
Joseph - done
Samuel - done
Jenna - done
Jason's mom - done
Jason's dad - done
My mom - done
My dad - done
Paula - done
Jacob - done

DONE DONE DONE!!!! Yes, I am done!!! Unless I decide that there is just ONE more thing that I need! LOL ... with a little over a week left, it's always possible!! LOL :) We will do Christmas Eve here at the house and then Christmas day at the inlaws house ... we will have ham instead of turkey ... need to figure out what sides I will make and I still need to get snack foods for Christmas eve.

This week is our last AWANA night at church until after the holidays. We are having a Charlie Brown christmas. We'll watch the movie and then have birthday cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday! Should be lots of fun. Stephanie's friend Isabel is going to come over after school and come with us. :)

Jason is working this weekend -- yay -- NOT ... but then I have MNO (White Elephant) at the house on Saturday night. I think Jason will take the kids to his mom's for the evening ... Sunday is church of course -- and then we have the live nativity that evening ...

Kids only have 3 more days of school after today. They start vacation on Friday ... they still don't know that we are going to do the Polar Express on Tuesday (the 23rd) -- so should be fun! :) I can't wait to surprise them with that.

Anyway -- not sure what else to blog about -- so I will go for now. Be blessed.