Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update on my mom ..

Well, I talked to both my sister and my mom this evening ... my mom called me once she got home (yes, they sent her home from the hospital) ... They did the CT scan today and it showed nothing -- they had told her that if it did not show anything, that they would send her home. She should be getting calls this week to set up some more tests .. and see where that will take them. She asked the doctor how long it should be before she gets those calls and he gave her his number and said if she does not hear from them this week -- to call him! I am still upset that they did not keep her at the hospital and monitor her -- but that is the joys of medicine in Canada ...

That is about where we are right now ... they haven't really ruled out anything .. although they are not leaning towards stroke as much -- mainly because the numbness she felt was on both sides of the face and not just one side. They are going to check her heart --for blockages and things like that. Do a stress test ...

Thanks for the continued prayers!!! Will post more as I know more.

Please pray

Sent this out through email last night --

My sister called to let me know that my mom is in the hospital!

She was not feeling well last week -- and finally on Saturday decided to go see the doctor. The doctor was unsure what was going on. Seemed to think it could be stroke related or possibly a vitamin deficiency (I know, broad spectrum there) - were going to send her in for a CT scan ... and see what that was going to show. My dad called to tell me this on Saturday evening -- he did not want me to hear it from anyone else and make me worry more than I already would.

Well, apparently what was happening last week happened again this afternoon so my dad called 911 and the ambulance brought her to the hospital. The feeling she had was starting in the chest area and went up to her face (numbness on both sides of the face) ... and she felt like her head could explode. At the hospital, they took some blood work ... and are keeping her overnight to monitor her and continue to do blood work (as the first set did not show anything) ... they are unsure if it's stroke related or possibly heart related. Tomorrow they are going to do some more blood work, a stress test and also the CT scan ... so I won't know anything else until I hear from my sister possibly tomorrow afternoon sometime ...

I would greatly appreciate any prayers ... for my my mom, my dad, my family ... the doctors.